• The Internal Talent Marketplace for Any Organization

    Human Capital experts agree Talent Marketplaces are one of the hottest, most transformational capabilities for 2021. Skillcite puts the power of a Talent Marketplace within reach of any organization.

  • Easy to Implement

    Launch your company's talent marketplace today

    Budget Friendly

    You don't need any other HR Tech to implement Skillcite

    Easy to Use

    No need to maintain profiles or skill inventories

  • Create Opportunities

    Put your company's needs in the open, letting everyone know what needs to get done.

    Browse Opportunities

    Your team can take control of their careers by browsing for work that interests them and stretches their skill set.

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  • What We Deliver

    Do more with less

    Find hidden pockets of capacity and skills across your team.


    Engage virtual teams

    Give everyone full visibility into work that needs to get done — even if they're remote.


    Get all hands on deck

    Break down silos to find the right person to execute on important work. React quickly in case of turnover or absences.


    Improve accountability

    Set clear expectations and give feedback.


    Reduce turnover

    Research proves it; employees stay loyal when they have a say in their job growth.

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